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Code Snippets: time

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Date and time simoth00 Python Date and time Date and time 2017-08-09
TimeWatch orkun Java elapsed java time timewatch TimeWatch for Java. 2015-03-11
Hora Excel (hora fraccional) a hora normal Rafa Text only ABAP excel fractional time hora time Convierte la hora en formato interno de excel a una hora normal y luego convierte y valida a formato... 2014-07-24
Apply onionskin to layers dokluch JavaScript ae after effects aftereffects echo ft-toolbar onion skin time Applies Echo effect to selected layers with settings that work like onion Skin from Adobe Flash. 2013-06-22
Python xsd Timestamp Sweet Burlap Python date python time timestamp xsd Python xsd Timestamp 2012-06-05
Adds an interval to MySQL NOW() Adirael MySQL add interval now time Adds an interval to MySQL NOW() 2012-03-07
Two digit time format for audio or video players Luis Herrero Text only time utils Returns a zero leading number if value is less than 10. Perfect for displaying time format values i... 2012-02-14
Formatting Time peternoster ActionScript 3 actionscript actionscript 3 format formatting time timer Class for formatting time like "1:23:12" on the basis of seconds. 2011-08-01
Php Execution Time khelaz PHP execution php time Calculate php script execution time 2011-04-18
Padding numbers for dates Lukich JavaScript formatting time Adding leading zeroes to numbers for time formatting in JS 2010-04-28