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Code Snippets: template

Title User Language Tags Description Date
templates olejnik C++ c++ template see comments. 2015-07-01
Basic Collection Class Template sammaj collection predicate template A basic template for a collection of a class, with variables, properties, constructors, methods and... 2015-05-25
Basic Class Template sammaj class template A Basic Class Template with variables, constructors, properties and methods. 2015-05-25
Plantilla para crear tablas orangelc SQL create oracle table template Ninguna. 2015-03-03
Url template patsnippets PHP Wordpress template url Stampa url template 2014-11-25
Base Wordpress Template Page Structure talymo PHP custom page template wordpress Just so you don't have to waste time formatting previous templates, here is the base structure of th... 2013-05-30
phpMyAdmin export Database template aidansmyth Text only database export phpMyAdmin template phpMyAdmin export Database template to nicely format the SQL file. 2012-10-31
Generating a HTML Table from RDF DESCRIBE Results Sweet Burlap Python "semantic web" <table> Python django rdf template Generating a HTML Table from RDF DESCRIBE Results (I'm actually using a construct to get the predica... 2012-05-18
Render a field in Drupal 7 psparrow PHP drupal drupal7 field node template theme This code, if used in a node template, renders the field and removes it from the main content output... 2011-11-16
HTML Basico Pablo Lobos HTML html html5 template Estructura básica de un documento HTML. 2011-08-11