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Code Snippets: string

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Find string in another string and determines where it was found aleworkout Ruby do downcase index minusculas position ruby string You can find text inside another text. You can also get the position of the result. 2017-07-28
C++ -- Calculare Dimensiune Sir 2lolo2 Text only length string Calculeaza dimensiunea sirului. 2017-05-05
concat strings shaybensasson Matlab string string manipulations 2015-01-27
Const string array oschwab72 C++ array const string Const string array 2014-06-13
Change case oschwab72 C++ case string changer la casse 2014-06-13
wstring <--> string oschwab72 C++ conversion string conversion entre chaînes 2014-06-13
Change the text inside a text string Sagive SEO JavaScript string text replace Easily change the text inside a text string - works just like str_replace in php. 2013-06-21
Bash shell to check an existed string in another string trinh Bash bash existed script shell string Bash shell to check an existed string in another string 2013-06-05
PHP String Functions psparrow PHP php string Simple examples of PHP's string functions 2011-11-01
Reverting strings and formating into milenar klausmachado JavaScript format javascript revert string Function to do back words and to make a milenar format. 2011-10-18