Code Snippets: string

Title User Language Tags Description Date
C++ -- Calculare Dimensiune Sir 2lolo2 Text only length string Calculeaza dimensiunea sirului. 2017-05-05
concat strings shaybensasson Matlab string string manipulations 2015-01-27
Const string array oschwab72 C++ array const string Const string array 2014-06-13
Change case oschwab72 C++ case string changer la casse 2014-06-13
wstring <--> string oschwab72 C++ conversion string conversion entre chaînes 2014-06-13
Change the text inside a text string Sagive SEO JavaScript string text replace Easily change the text inside a text string - works just like str_replace in php. 2013-06-21
Bash shell to check an existed string in another string trinh Bash bash existed script shell string Bash shell to check an existed string in another string 2013-06-05
PHP String Functions psparrow PHP php string Simple examples of PHP's string functions 2011-11-01
Reverting strings and formating into milenar klausmachado JavaScript format javascript revert string Function to do back words and to make a milenar format. 2011-10-18
XML From-To String deusexmachina88 JavaScript conversion javascript string xml function to convert an XML DOM Object into a plain String and vice versa 2011-08-18