Code Snippets: sql

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Create a Database and Assign a User apphp-snippets SQL apphp create database sql This is a very simple snippet about how to create a database 1st, a user and then assign some privil... 2014-02-12
Find and Replace with MySQL apphp-snippets SQL apphp replace string sql MySQL has a handy and simple string function REPLACE() that allows table data with the matching stri... 2014-02-12
Resetear autonumérico y forzar id del autonumérico angelpatxi SQL server sql Resetear autonumérico y forzar id del autonumérico 2012-11-14
Add field toledano sqlite3con sql sqlite Como agregar un campo a una table en SQLite 3 2012-10-31
OLE DB provider "OraOLEDB.Oracle" for linked server XXX returned message "ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifie choilaitan Text only could error linked not oracle resolve server sql Resolves the above issue when connection to Oracle via linked server in MSSQL 2008 2012-08-06
test snippet datamonk SQL sql describing test snippet 2012-07-29
Respaldo masivo SQL leonciokof SQL mysql sql Respaldo masivo SQL 2012-05-30
Restauración masiva SQL leonciokof SQL mysql sql Restauración masiva SQL 2012-05-30
Crear usuario en MySQL leonciokof MySQL mysql sql Como crear un usuario en MySQL 2012-05-22
Test Snippet michele86 SQL sql Simple select 2012-02-09