Code Snippets: server

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Resetear autonumérico y forzar id del autonumérico angelpatxi SQL server sql Resetear autonumérico y forzar id del autonumérico 2012-11-14
OLE DB provider "OraOLEDB.Oracle" for linked server XXX returned message "ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifie choilaitan Text only could error linked not oracle resolve server sql Resolves the above issue when connection to Oracle via linked server in MSSQL 2008 2012-08-06
calendar date from server suniltiwari1 Text only calendar date from server calendar date from server 2012-05-19
Varnish - VCL - disable cache for one page jgskin Text only cache server varnish vcl Author: Jessé Alves Galdino Varnish - VCL - disable cache for one page 2011-09-19
Basic database connection SQL SERVER C# tonatiuh Text only c# connection insert server sql sqlserver The basic script to connect to a SQL Server Database. Notice that in the connection string i have no... 2011-07-06
Firebird restart server adige Text only firebird restart server It restarts firebird server also watches the server and restarts it if it crashes, 2010-01-18
Building all the VMware GSX guest modules at once moriyoshi Bash gsx guset script server shell vmware This tiny shell script builds all the VMware GSX (a.k.a. VMware Server 1.0) modules at once. You ha... 2009-12-10
CHANGE owner ON sql server db. d020code SQL ax security server sql How to change sql owner on sql server database objects 2009-07-07