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Code Snippets: python

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Unpacking iterables of arbitrary length robtryb Python algorithms data structures python star expression unpacking variables Using star expressions to unpack iterables 2014-02-05
edx-platform: InvalidTabsException trinh Python Traceback django edx-platform python Expected first tab to have type 'courseware'. tabs: '[{u'type': u'pdf_textbooks'}, {u'type': u'stat... 2013-07-23
JSON to HTML table 2.0 aucontraire Python HTML JSON python table This is a revision of Sweet Burlap's code at: 2013-06-30
Hangman reemplazo letras a7xrturo Python python Reemplazo de los espacios blancos en Hangman 2013-06-23
Hangman a7xrturo Python python Simple Python game 2013-06-22
Hangman! :) a7xrturo Python 3 code hang hangman man py python A simple game in Python: Hangman 2013-06-19
Email with attachment trinh Python attachment email python Email with attachment 2013-06-18
SQLAlchemy python example trinh Python oracle python sqlalchemy SQLAlchemy python example 2013-06-13
Oracle db python utilities class trinh Python oracle python sqlalchemy Oracle db python utilities class 2013-06-13
Python SSH Client wrapper using paramiko trinh Python paramiko python ssh Python SSH Client wrapper using paramiko. For more information, please read: http://iambusychangingt... 2013-05-15