Code Snippets: php

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Calculate Full Size of Directory in PHP apphp-snippets PHP directory size php This code allows to calculate the full size of a directory using PHP. Source: 2017-05-23
WhoIs Query in PHP apphp-snippets PHP php whois This code allows to perform a query to WhoIs service in PHP. source: 2017-05-23
BlueAir-QDSU歯科高速タービン shiektmn Text only php 製品説明: Glows®歯科高速タービンBlueAir-QDSUは台湾製のナカニシ仕様(LEDライト無し)の高速エアータービンです。ナカニシのカップリング(LEDライト無し)に互換性があります。... 2017-02-22
Ocultar errores PHP rmondragon PHP error php Quitar errores de PHP 2017-01-11
Multisafepay Refund API Call indeveler PHP php No description 2016-09-19
Annoy Tim Zowdie PHP php Testing 2015-10-27
Calculate Age Using a Birth Date apphp-snippets PHP calculate age php This function gets birth date as an argument and it returns the age of the person; it's very useful... 2015-10-12
Compress Mltiple CSS Files apphp-snippets PHP compress css files multiple php Usually when you're using different CSS files on your site, they might take a quite long to be loade... 2015-10-12
Retrieve images from Wordpress Next Gen gallery. Dazza PHP nextgen php wordpress Used in a non wordpress (external) page to retrieve images from Wordpress Next Gen gallery. 2015-05-26
Snipp Gioooooooooooo Text only php Desc 2014-10-12