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Code Snippets: linux

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Print a list of applications which are using the internet. antlong Bash linux mac networking osx shell unix This snippet will return a list of applications which are using the internet. 2015-07-25
Number base converter Stummi Bash bash conversion linux numbers A bash script to convert an number from any base to another based on its name 2014-12-29
Ubuntu DNS pailoro Text only dns linux ubuntu altera do DNS no ubuntu 2014-02-24
Show Public IP brandonvom2003 Bash bash ip address linux Show public IP address on Linux 2014-02-06
Key numbers from Iceland acme Text only Economic Population curl iconv linux numbers sed Get key numbers by curl Population Economic growth Wage index and more. You might like to skip... 2013-07-18
Copy file SCP Swalke Bash bash copy-files linux scp Copy file via scp 2013-04-22
Move files up one level from multiple directories acme Text only cmd linux mv Sometimes I get lot of files kept on file in directory. But when I use them I like to have them all... 2013-03-07
Convert multible image files acme Text only convert image linux I have multible .dat images and I like to convert them all to .jpg 2013-02-06
exclusion in bash voyeg3r Text only bash comm grep linux I want get lines that has in file one that not are in file2 see more here: 2012-11-05 voyeg3r Bash bash date grep linux Este script tem como propósito gerar uma lista dos finais de semana para um ano dado. 2012-10-12