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Code Snippets: iOS

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Creating NSTimeZone with name Aemgtz Objective-C Obj-C Objective-C iOS iPhone This code demonstrate how to create NSTimeZone object with difference country name . 2012-08-27
iPhone Unit Testing Example Aemgtz Objective-C Obj-C Objective-C Unit Testing UnitTest iOS This is demonstration of iPhone Unit testing 2012-07-09
UTextField vertical alignment Aemgtz Objective-C Objective-C iOS UTextField vertical alignment 2012-06-09 microbians JavaScript browser iOS ipad iphone jquery versions is minimal plugin to check some browser versions like iPad / iPhone or if the browser is a... 2012-02-13
Create Beautiful Re-sizeable Round Rect Button Aemgtz Objective-C Obj-C Objective-C iOS iPhone This snippet show how to create a beautiful round rect button 2012-01-19