Code Snippets: email

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Email with attachment trinh Python attachment email python Email with attachment 2013-06-18
IMAP mbox checker enruzh Perl IMAP Perl email IMAP mbox checker library, which is capable of checking IMAP mbox without fetching all messages or t... 2012-12-22
conditions for outlook and everything but outlook nilegfx HTML email hide html nooutlook outlook a tricky condition for viewing elements from outlook and show it anywhere else. 2012-01-03
perfect html Email button nilegfx HTML button email html outlook a cross-client button for html email. (working good in outlook). 2012-01-03
Sugar - variable in email template pn.truongphuc PHP email sugarcrm Change variable in email template. emailtemplate.php 2011-02-19
cPanel crontab to backup mysql, files with email alert mauro.artizzu Bash automated backup cpanel crontab email filesystem mutt mysql mysqldump tar Automated backup of databases and/or filesystem for a cPanel hosted site with email attachment featu... 2011-02-13
is_email() version 2.8 dominicsayers PHP address email rfc2822 rfc5322 rfc822 validation RFC-compliant email address validation 2010-10-05
Get Gravatar image bramloquet C# e-mail email gravatar image Function to get the gravatar image from a given e-mail. 2010-07-26
Built contacts from IMAP kelvinn Python email imap scrape This little python snippet scrapes the headers from emails accessible via IMAP. 2010-04-16
Email Validate navjotjsingh PHP email php validate validate PHP code to validate email addresses. 2009-10-31