Code Snippets: email

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Clean metadata from documents created by a particular author muhammad.sabir Text only CAD PDF PSD document email excel images pdf powerproint presentation spreadsheet word URL: 2016-06-09
email list for sale latestdatabase5 Text only email for list sale With faceless businesses online as rife as they are, the relationship between customer and business... 2016-05-09
Email List For Sale latestdatabase5 HTML email for list sale You can buy email lists of Hong Kong trade enterprises and suppliers to create a profitable market p... 2015-10-25
Leer una plantilla de HTML de correo orangelc C# aspnet c# email Es una función que le pasas una lista de parámetros y se sustituyen sobre una plantilla de html y es... 2015-07-10
Email preheader ManicInsomnia HTML css email html Multi client Preheader code. Two parts CSS code for the head tag of your email and and HTML/CSS s... 2015-05-14
Select statement sent out as an HTML Email from SQL Server Skitter SQL HTML SQL email select This snippet enables an HTML formatted query to be sent as an HTML email. Fields are separated by H... 2014-04-22
Email with attachment trinh Python attachment email python Email with attachment 2013-06-18
IMAP mbox checker enruzh Perl IMAP Perl email IMAP mbox checker library, which is capable of checking IMAP mbox without fetching all messages or t... 2012-12-22
conditions for outlook and everything but outlook nilegfx HTML email hide html nooutlook outlook a tricky condition for viewing elements from outlook and show it anywhere else. 2012-01-03
perfect html Email button nilegfx HTML button email html outlook a cross-client button for html email. (working good in outlook). 2012-01-03