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Code Snippets: drupal

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Unable to clone Drupal 8 njt1982 Text only drupal git Has anyone else had this problem? 2013-06-28
Tag View njt1982 PHP drupal views A Top Tags block and page 2013-06-13
Drupal Forms Add Field Before/After some element Monash PHP drupal form Insert a form's field after/before a certain element without needed modify element's weight 2013-05-21
Zeilenumbruch für mehrzeilige Plain-Text-Felder klickreflex PHP content editing drupal php Stellt man eine Textarea ("Langer Text") auf Plain Text anstatt gefiltertem Text werden Zeilenumbrüc... 2012-03-16
Better Drupal edit buttons and block regions kettultim CSS css drupal drupal 6 Better hover buttons and block region indicators for Drupal. 2011-12-14
Render a field in Drupal 7 psparrow PHP drupal drupal7 field node template theme This code, if used in a node template, renders the field and removes it from the main content output... 2011-11-16
Output Image using Imagecache Preset in Drupal psparrow PHP drupal imagecache images php Output Image using Imagecache Preset in Drupal 2011-11-01
hook_nodeapi psparrow PHP drupal hook module node php Implementation of hook_nodeapi for Drupal 6 2011-11-01
Drupal Parent Information - module stuarteske PHP drupal module parent_information Private module for drupal. 2010-11-19
Check for user role in drupal abubakr PHP drupal php Check the user role of the current user (administrator, moderator, etc...) 2009-06-29