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Code Snippets: database

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VB.NET SQL Example: How to send SMS in VB.NET using SQL database LoganTRNR code database example gateway message mysql receive sample send sms source source code sql table vb visual studio I thought I share this code snippet because I find this way of SMS sending an easy solution. I belie... 2015-03-13
Consultar objetos de la base de datos orangelc SQL database objects query sqlserver Ninguna. 2015-03-04
Change home & site url in WordPress settings (db) after migration 108bits PHP WordPress database home url site url update File: wp-login.php Add the code below to change the Home & Site URL that is configured in the dat... 2014-09-02
Retrive Image in database aravindhcse3@gm C# database image in retrive Retrive Image in database 2013-11-21
AD Management PHP Script , php script for ad mangment,php ads manager peoplesinnovati PHP Ad management PHP ad ad management script ad manager ad manager pro ads banner banner ad manager database easy banner free free ad management script freeware link manager mysql php ads management script ppc ads pro script shareware software sponsor text ads traffic web webmaster Ad Management PHP Script is very powerful Ad Management software for your website. If you are planni... 2013-02-20
phpMyAdmin export Database template aidansmyth Text only database export phpMyAdmin template phpMyAdmin export Database template to nicely format the SQL file. 2012-10-31
Import sql file in a mysql database with php davide.montorio PHP database file import php sql Import a sql file with some queries in a mysql database with php. No connection with db is prov... 2012-01-09
Filtering Model::save() in Lithium psparrow PHP database framework li3 lithium model mvc php record Add your own code before and after a model is saved. 2012-01-09
My first database class johndavedecano PHP class database Create database connection and retrieve datas from your mysql database. 2011-12-10