Code Snippets: css

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Tic Tac Toe chauzer Text only css html js tictactoe Just a short tic tac toe game for 2 people. Written in html, css, and js. 2014-12-07
Hello Smipple caliginous HTML css html Hello Smipple 2014-12-01
Rounded Corners patsnippets CSS css rounded corners Rounded corners 2014-11-25
Media Queries patsnippets CSS css media queries responsive Media Queries 2014-11-25
IOS Iframe 100% width problem v.dankiv CSS css html iframe 2014-09-09
Bootstrap carousel fade transition SnippetSniffer Text only bootstrap carousel css fade html Fade carousel transition using only css Then change the class on the carousel from "carousel slid... 2014-07-26
Add Font Awesome SnippetSniffer Text only bootstrap css font awesome Add font awesome without downloading anything 2014-07-21
Targeting Chrome With CSS apphp-snippets CSS chrome css targetting This solution is based on Chrome specific CSS extension. Other browsers will ignore this rule. 2014-07-13
simple tooltip using Html and CSS. sharad HTML css html I created simple tooltip using Html and CSS. 2014-07-08
Custom Tooltips Using Only CSS talymo Text only css tooltips No JS or any plugins needed to style these tooltips. To disable the native tooltip behavior, use... 2014-06-04