Code Snippets: css

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Bootstrap carousel fade transition SnippetSniffer Text only bootstrap carousel css fade html Fade carousel transition using only css Then change the class on the carousel from "carousel slid... 2014-07-26
Add Font Awesome SnippetSniffer Text only bootstrap css font awesome Add font awesome without downloading anything 2014-07-21
Targeting Chrome With CSS apphp-snippets CSS chrome css targetting This solution is based on Chrome specific CSS extension. Other browsers will ignore this rule. 2014-07-13
simple tooltip using Html and CSS. sharad HTML css html I created simple tooltip using Html and CSS. 2014-07-08
Custom Tooltips Using Only CSS talymo Text only css tooltips No JS or any plugins needed to style these tooltips. To disable the native tooltip behavior, use... 2014-06-04
Triangular List Bullets drapas CSS bullets css list Triangular List Bullets 2014-04-03
Custom dropdown arrow crossbrowser v.dankiv Text only arrow css html Change dropdown and triangle-like in ie9+ browsers (in ie8 it would be a default) 2014-02-24
Prevent Long URL's From Breaking Out with CSS apphp-snippets CSS apphp css long urls This solution will help you to prevent many issues with your site, when you need to prevent long URL... 2014-02-16
Animated Tooltip with CSS apphp-snippets CSS animated tooltips apphp css This example shows you how to create custom tooltips, using just a pure CSS. In this examples we use... 2014-02-16
jQuery change css class codepianist JavaScript css javascript jquery Changes the css class for a html element 2014-02-03