Code Snippets: css

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Triangular List Bullets drapas CSS bullets css list Triangular List Bullets 2014-04-03
Custom dropdown arrow crossbrowser v.dankiv Text only arrow css html Change dropdown and triangle-like in ie9+ browsers (in ie8 it would be a default) 2014-02-24
Prevent Long URL's From Breaking Out with CSS apphp-snippets CSS apphp css long urls This solution will help you to prevent many issues with your site, when you need to prevent long URL... 2014-02-16
Animated Tooltip with CSS apphp-snippets CSS animated tooltips apphp css This example shows you how to create custom tooltips, using just a pure CSS. In this examples we use... 2014-02-16
jQuery change css class codepianist JavaScript css javascript jquery Changes the css class for a html element 2014-02-03
Center Div Absolute Macss13 CSS css Center div with position absolute 2014-01-24
CSS Center image in div with overflow hidden v.dankiv CSS css I have an image of 400px and a div that is smaller(the width is not always 300px as in my example).... 2014-01-16
CSS horizontal line with words in the middle v.dankiv CSS css I'm trying to make a horizontal rule with some text in the middle. for example: --- my title h... 2014-01-13
CSS positioning div above another div v.dankiv CSS css Move secondDiv on top with CSS only ( 2014-01-13
No more html in js. Use templates instead. talymo JavaScript clone css html jquery js Add the class "template" to whatever element you need to duplicate. In your CSS, put display:none on... 2013-06-06