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Code Snippets: class

Title User Language Tags Description Date
GoTo sr.alex ActionScript 3 as3 class Easy class to navigate to an url. 2011-09-01
Simplest template class Python class python template Note: This module is intended for use with Python 3. For usage instructions see below. Accordi... 2011-02-11
Call python method using string solartic PHP call class getattr method python string This code snippet shows how to call a python class method using a string. 2010-10-17
Use enum defined inside multiple namespaces as function parameter type pjmendes C++ class enum function namespace parameter type Allow the usage of an enum defined inside of several namespaces (such as Base::Inner::EnumType) as a... 2010-05-06
C# Range Class ubaase C# c# class foreach function python range A C# class inspired by python's range function. 2009-12-07