Code Snippets: android

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Check Wifi Conncection sadegh Java android check wifi connection 2013-01-23
Input text formatting in realtime KiryanovMike Java android filtering java Input text formatting in realtime 2013-01-15
Gravity sensor how2seduce Java android Calculate acceleration of android device 2013-01-10
Using timer to control camera on android how2seduce Java android This code will control camera snapshot by the set of the timer 2013-01-10
Android: AsyncTask takecare Java android asynctask concurrency Skeleton class for Android's AsyncTask. 2012-12-03
Android: Parcelable Class takecare Java android parcel parcelable A skeleton class for Parcelable implementation. 2012-12-03
Delay a function in Android phoenixstudio Java android java Delay a function in Android by using of handler and postDelayed() method. 2012-12-01
Android: Application class with utilities takecare Java android application helper utilities Application class with a few helper methods. (update as needed) 2012-11-15
Android: Activity life-cycle takecare Java activity android life-cycle Activity's life-cycle taken from the official docs. 2012-11-15
Android: starting activities... takecare Java activity android start Distinct ways to start activities. 2012-11-15