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Code Snippets: Date

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Date and time simoth00 Python Date and time Date and time 2017-08-09
LiveCode - Format Date GreatBaldness Text only DATE Date Date Format Forrnatted Date Live Code LiveCode date live code livecode Function to return date in a number of different formats. 2015-05-11
Validating a date effectively snovakovic JavaScript Date JavaScript The date library in JavaScript is often too simple and usually not enough for advanced date formatti... 2014-10-27
Month and Year Archive List for Blog RandomSheep Text only Archive Blog Count Date PHP Post and A way to create a list of archived months of blog posts in the format Month and Year followed by the... 2013-05-30
Date Format a Timestamp using PHP RandomSheep Text only Date PHP Date Format a Timestamp using PHP 2013-05-29