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Popular Code Snippets

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Mercurial: notify incoming pushes to any Skype chat. moriyoshi Python mercurial python skype This script notifies incoming pushes for a given repository to a Skype chat specified by CHAT_NAME.... 2009-11-04
Get rid of dotted border from links mcbayrak Text only borders css links When you click a link on web page. Usualy you see a dotted border around it until next page loads. W... 2009-08-31
Add target null and (optional) camera to comp and add Auto Focus expression to camera Aescripts JavaScript aescripts after aftereffects auto-focus effects expression ft-toolbar layers Adds a null named "Target" to the selected comp and adds's Auto Focus expression to... 2016-05-02
Light at composition centre Simon Bronson JavaScript ae aftereffects ft-toolbar script courtesy of Zack Lovatt 2015-07-05
Separate Dimensions Aescripts JavaScript "after effects" aescripts aftereffects ft-toolbar Will separate dimensions for the selected property 2014-08-12
CSS Animated Loading Circles an_hmnn CSS Loading Handy CSS/CSS3 code snippets for web designer & developers. This is a clean & simple CSS animated lo... 2014-06-08
Parent Each Selected to Above Layer zlovatt JavaScript after effects aftereffects ft-toolbar layers parenting This will parent all selected layers to the layer immediately above it. 2014-05-29
Slide open/closed #nav on menuToggle click bethelwell JavaScript JavaScript/JQuery Navigation Responsive Slide open/closed #nav on menuToggle click 2014-05-06
Corner ribbon title / notification / offer bethelwell CSS Borders CSS Corner ribbon title / notification / offer: 2014-05-06
Ribbon header bethelwell CSS CSS Content header as ribbon visually using css only 2014-05-06