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Popular Code Snippets

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Javascript string trim method IanLewis JavaScript string trim whitespace This code adds a "trim" method to the javascript string object prototype which will remove leading a... 2009-07-01
Django code highlight template filter IanLewis Python code django filter highlight pygments template A django template filter that highlights code with pygments. 2009-07-01
jquery.hotkeys a2c JavaScript jquery js jquery.hotkeysでキーを叩くと、ボタンが押されるサンプル 2009-07-01
SlugProperty for App Engine based on Django's SlugField brettsky Python app engine django python App Engine lacks an equivalent to Django's SlugField property. This code is a (very rough) attempt a... 2009-06-29
AQMP client voluntas Python amqp python 簡単なサンプル 2009-06-29
Send multi-part encoded mail with attachments. IanLewis PHP attachments email encoding multi-part Sends mail to the e-mail address specified. Supports attaching files, multi-part message, and e-mail... 2009-06-29
LanguageChoiceFIeld for Kay tmatsuo Python appengine kay language A Field class for selecting languages with internationalized choices. It depends on Kay, the web fra... 2009-06-28