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Add a Solid with Optical Flares sqparnell JavaScript aescripts after afterfx afx effects ft ft-toolbar toolbar Adds a solid with Optical Flares effect applied and transfer mode set to "Add". The effect is availa... 2013-01-22
Codeigniter bluepicaso PHP codeigniter image multiple thumbnail Creating multiple Thumbnail in one go.. through codeigniter 2010-10-09
center div lchiang86 CSS center div center div 2010-06-24
Loop Selected Layers zlovatt JavaScript after effects aftereffects ft-toolbar looping time remap This will run through all selected layers, enables time remap & add loopOut('cycle') expression for... 2014-11-05
New Simple Solid TGage Text only aftereffects ft-toolbar ft-toolbar 2 simple solid Add a simple solid. Other snippet did not work... 2013-07-03
Add Solid with Ramp drakecraytel Text only ft-toolbar Create solid named background with a ramp effect 2013-02-04
Make Vignette jimmyctv JavaScript aescripts after effects afterfx ft toolbar ft-toolbar ft_toolbar create a 50% black vignette, set to multiply with one click. // add it to ft-toolbar as a javascr... 2012-11-22
Adding Background Gradient in CSS apphp-snippets CSS Background Gradient apphp Today with CSS3, you no longer need a background image for gradients. You can use CSS to add a gradi... 2012-11-08
jQuery.ajax() debers JavaScript ajax jquery jQuery.ajax() snippets 2012-08-10
Display PHP Errors RandomSheep PHP Debugging PHP Show Errors Add this code to line 1 to show PHP errors for debugging. Dont forget to remove it after debuggin... 2012-06-23