XML Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
sample1 carly28 mxml sample 1 2013-04-11
hosts.xml hendrikras hippo hosts The hosts xml file that needs to be expanded to include a new mountpoint, for exposing restservices... 2013-02-01
Sample Aura .cmp deanmoses aura Sample Aura component with design-time info included. 2013-01-16
Sample Aura .design file deanmoses aura Sample of an Aura component .design file 2013-01-11
Chatter profile page type deanmoses dale DALE chatter profile page type 2013-01-10
Chatter Profile template deanmoses dale Chatter Profile template. Three Column, Feed In Middle 2013-01-10
Android: Manifest example takecare activity android manifest provider service A short example of an application's manifest file; including two activities, a provider, a service,... 2012-11-15
BIRT Maven Inegration, Sonatype debers birt integration maven sonatype BIRT 4.2.1a Maven Inegration, Sonatype 2012-10-30
BIRT 3.7.1 Maven Integration, by hand debers birt integration maven BIRT 3.7.1 Maven Integration, by hand 2012-10-29
Log dependency nebires dependency maven slf4j just a test 2012-10-27