XML Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
asd kganker asd asd 2014-06-04
TableLayout example (xml) dhalcojor android table-layout xml XML snippet for a TableLayout simple example 2014-05-13
JSF :: Retrieve dates in local time zone instead of GMT time zone Forero java java ee jsf Retrieve dates in JSF without worrying about the offset of your local time zone 2014-04-24
sample1 carly28 mxml sample 1 2013-04-11
hosts.xml hendrikras hippo hosts The hosts xml file that needs to be expanded to include a new mountpoint, for exposing restservices... 2013-02-01
Sample Aura .cmp deanmoses aura Sample Aura component with design-time info included. 2013-01-16
Sample Aura .design file deanmoses aura Sample of an Aura component .design file 2013-01-11
Chatter profile page type deanmoses dale DALE chatter profile page type 2013-01-10
Chatter Profile template deanmoses dale Chatter Profile template. Three Column, Feed In Middle 2013-01-10
Android: Manifest example takecare activity android manifest provider service A short example of an application's manifest file; including two activities, a provider, a service,... 2012-11-15