SQL Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
Useful SQL Server Commands (T-SQL) for mass changes francofs CONSTRAINT DROP SQLServer T-SQL TABLES Useful SQL Server commands when heavily modifying or deleting a SQL Server Database using system SP'... 2014-03-13
Create a Database and Assign a User apphp-snippets apphp create database sql This is a very simple snippet about how to create a database 1st, a user and then assign some privil... 2014-02-12
Find and Replace with MySQL apphp-snippets apphp replace string sql MySQL has a handy and simple string function REPLACE() that allows table data with the matching stri... 2014-02-12
FULL TEXT search in MySQL bliksempie full-text mysql search FULL TEXT search query in MySQL using MyISAM table (InnoDB does not support full text search, it see... 2013-11-14
Exclude all Base Images from Gallery jonazu base image exclude gallery magento A fast way to exclude all base images from gallery. 2013-07-21
Search All Tables gostlike tsql Store Procedure for search any column name and column value of the database. source code from htt... 2013-07-17
Get the number of days in the current month Md.Ibrahim SQL GETDATE():Returns current DateTime stamp MONTH():Returns Month index of passed DateTime DATEADD():... 2013-07-10
Equivalent of GUID in C# in SQL Md.Ibrahim SQL Returns a random alphanumeric value 2013-07-10
IF-ELSE Block in SQL Md.Ibrahim SQL How to use IF ELSE in SQL. Note how to define scope using BEGIN and END. 2013-07-10
SELECT Decimal Column With Desired Length and Precision Md.Ibrahim SQL How to select a decimal column with defined length and precision rather than what the column has the... 2013-07-10