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Ruby Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
Find string in another string and determines where it was found aleworkout do downcase index minusculas position ruby string You can find text inside another text. You can also get the position of the result. 2017-07-28
Oracle NVL2 Function databasestar Oracle SQL A few examples of the Oracle NVL2 function. 2017-01-21
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ICQ: 681473773 Transfer Western Union + Sell CCV US UK EU AU Fresh And Good cardseller141 Bank Seller Credit card and bank account hacking ICQ: 681473773 :seller CVV ALL COUNTRY , Transfer WU NE... 2016-08-03
星レーザーポインター sayonara レイザーポイント光 満天の星 高出力レーザーポインター解説,昼間野外でも使えるレザーポインター,瞬間に点灯マッチ/タバコ,天体観察、星観察用レーザーポインター出力保障,強力観望用レーザーポインター天文の売っている店,30... 2016-04-22
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Quotation allanbatista Quotation teste 2014-08-13
Convert Email to Other Formats using Cloud API in Ruby johansonkath Aspose Cloud SDK for Ruby Cloud API for Outlook Convert Email Messages in Ruby Convert Email Messages in cloud Convert Email Messages to EML Convert Email Messages to MSG Email cloud API work with email messages in Ruby This technical tip shows how developers can convert email messages to other formats like EML, MSG &... 2014-06-10
Permutations in Ruby Guildenstern70 permutations A class to compute number permutations based on Bogomolyn algorithm. 2014-04-11
Ruby Code Sample to Create PDF from HTML Using REST API johansonkath Aspose.Pdf for Cloud Cloud API for PDF creation PDF cloud API Pdf REST API Rest api in c# create PDF file from HTML create PDF file in cloud create PDF from HTML in cloud create pdf file from html in cloud using c# create pdf file from html in cloud using java create pdf file from html in cloud using ruby creating new PDF This code sample shows how Ruby developers can create PDF file from HTML using Aspose.Pdf for Cloud... 2014-04-10