PHP Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
Function (is_uploaded_file) Kiai file upload is_uploaded_file , Tells whether the file was uploaded via HTTP POST, whether is it a valid upload 6 days ago
Tax Query Noximus Query Tax Tax Query 2014-08-20
Cat Query Noximus Cat Query Category Query 2014-08-19
Front Page Cat Post Noximus Category Posting a category loop on your front page. 2014-08-18
Child Pages and Feat. Imgs Noximus child-pages Child Pages and Feat. Imgs 2014-08-17
Magento - logged user check and data pdepmcp magento php session In Magento check if a user is logged in and get is main account data (fullname, name, surname and em... 2014-07-29
Logging a PHP array, object or any other variable Lobo-X array dump dumping log logging object dump php php log var dump variable inspecting Using var_dump() for a simple PHP variable inspection is the best way of doing so in most cases. It... 2014-07-24
php instagram feed renleet instagram php Code for picking up a instagram tag e showing all pictures. remeber to reduce the amount of pics by... 2014-07-17
print array to file for debugging fruityworld array debug output php output array to txt file 2014-07-14
Add img attributes on html document jsterling attributes dom domdocument fixed html img php script Add image tag attributes on an html document. Good for setting fixed size images when using a lazy l... 2014-07-01