PHP Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
Add and save custom field in user's profile patsnippets add field user profile hooks input text wordpress How to add and save an input text in the user's profile in Wordpress 5 days ago
WP_Query loop patsnippets loop wordpress wp wp_query Loop con new WP_Query() 5 days ago
Config srivats config Config 2014-10-10
Swatch.php srivats swatch swatch 2014-10-10
Change home & site url in WordPress settings (db) after migration 108bits WordPress database home url site url update File: wp-login.php Add the code below to change the Home & Site URL that is configured in the dat... 2014-09-02
Increase Memory Limits WordPress 108bits WordPress memory limits php File: wp-config.php Increase PHP memory limits via WordPress wp-config.php 2014-09-02
Function (is_uploaded_file) Kiai file upload is_uploaded_file , Tells whether the file was uploaded via HTTP POST, whether is it a valid upload 2014-08-26
Tax Query Noximus Query Tax Tax Query 2014-08-20
Cat Query Noximus Cat Query Category Query 2014-08-19
Front Page Cat Post Noximus Category Posting a category loop on your front page. 2014-08-18