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test snippet campione cpt wp blablabla 5 days ago
FOR loop jaq for loop PHP for loops execute a block of code a specified number of times. 2015-03-11
How to get the weather forecast using IP address hexahow Yahoo weather ip address weather forecast weather station To retrieve the weather forecast for your location based only on your current IP, the full tutorial... 2015-01-30
as doanhung s function do_excel_import_update() { $this->check_action_permission('add_update'); $this... 2015-01-16
a doanhung a a 2015-01-16
Sticky Posts in Wordpress Chorazin Posts Sticky Wordpress A way to track your sticky posts attached to the functions file in Wordpress 2014-12-22
Product is purchased patsnippets product is purchased woocommerce Controlla se un prodotto è stato mai acquistato da un utente 2014-11-28
Genera automaticamente coupon promozionali e scalali dal carrello patsnippets auto genera codici promozionali coupon woocommerce woocommerce_before_cart_table In functions.php un codice che auto genera codici promozionali quando siamo nel carrello e applica l... 2014-11-28
Add custom shipping method Woocommerce patsnippets Woocommerce add shipping method Aggiungi un metodo di spedizione personalizzato. Da inserire in functions.php o plugin http://docs.... 2014-11-27
Url template patsnippets Wordpress template url Stampa url template 2014-11-25