PHP Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
Annoy Tim Zowdie php Testing 2015-10-27
Calculate Age Using a Birth Date apphp-snippets calculate age php This function gets birth date as an argument and it returns the age of the person; it's very useful... 2015-10-12
Compress Mltiple CSS Files apphp-snippets compress css files multiple php Usually when you're using different CSS files on your site, they might take a quite long to be loade... 2015-10-12
MrTey dctrkmhp My blog My blog 2015-10-02
PHP mahipal.0510 number phone validate phone number validate in PHP 2015-07-10
Retrieve images from Wordpress Next Gen gallery. Dazza nextgen php wordpress Used in a non wordpress (external) page to retrieve images from Wordpress Next Gen gallery. 2015-05-26
wordpress remove wp-admin bar nevisdesign wordpress add to functions.php 2015-05-21
Post Template inheritance from parent category Vltravioletest Template Wordpress This code can be placed in your theme´s functions.php file, it looks for a single-{name}.php templat... 2015-05-13
Wordpress - Page Slug Added To Body Classes allure functions wordpress Add the page slug as a body class in WordPress. 2015-04-21
Mizunoミズノ MP-4 アイアン 8本セット akimotori golf ミズノ MP-4 アイアン 【2013年日本仕様】Mizunoミズノ MP4 アイアン 8本セット(#3-#9,PW) 受け継がれ、引き継がれていく、 マッスルバックアイアン... 2015-04-01