PHP Code Snippets

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Logging a PHP array, object or any other variable Lobo-X array dump dumping log logging object dump php php log var dump variable inspecting Using var_dump() for a simple PHP variable inspection is the best way of doing so in most cases. It... 5 hours ago
php instagram feed renleet instagram php Code for picking up a instagram tag e showing all pictures. remeber to reduce the amount of pics by... 2014-07-17
print array to file for debugging fruityworld array debug output php output array to txt file 2014-07-14
Add img attributes on html document jsterling attributes dom domdocument fixed html img php script Add image tag attributes on an html document. Good for setting fixed size images when using a lazy l... 2014-07-01
Change Image Properties 'On-The-Fly' apphp-snippets php change image properties php images Sometimes you may need to change image properties 'on-the-fly'. The best example is when you want to... 2014-06-25
Change Language Automatically According to the Visitor Country apphp-snippets automatically change language php This simple code demonstrates how to change automatically site language, according to the visitor's... 2014-06-25
PHP Code to Unprotect Word Document Using Aspose for Cloud API johansonkath Document Unprotect Word a The following technical tip shows how php developers can unprotect their word documents in cloud usi... 2014-06-19
PHP Code to Protect a Word Document Using Aspose for Cloud API johansonkath Aspose Cloud SDK for PHP Microsoft Word password protection Modify Protection of the Word Document Protect a Word Document Unprotect a Word Document digitally signing the document protect modifying a document secure your Word files set a password to open the document The following technical tip shows how php developers can protect their word documents in cloud using... 2014-06-19
Hola mundo romansg curso-php Primer script PHP 2014-06-06
Aluga peterg3n codigo codigo aluga 2014-05-30