PHP Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
Config srivats config Config 2014-10-10
Swatch.php srivats swatch swatch 2014-10-10
Change home & site url in WordPress settings (db) after migration 108bits WordPress database home url site url update File: wp-login.php Add the code below to change the Home & Site URL that is configured in the dat... 2014-09-02
Increase Memory Limits WordPress 108bits WordPress memory limits php File: wp-config.php Increase PHP memory limits via WordPress wp-config.php 2014-09-02
Function (is_uploaded_file) Kiai file upload is_uploaded_file , Tells whether the file was uploaded via HTTP POST, whether is it a valid upload 2014-08-26
Tax Query Noximus Query Tax Tax Query 2014-08-20
Cat Query Noximus Cat Query Category Query 2014-08-19
Front Page Cat Post Noximus Category Posting a category loop on your front page. 2014-08-18
Child Pages and Feat. Imgs Noximus child-pages Child Pages and Feat. Imgs 2014-08-17
Magento - logged user check and data pdepmcp magento php session In Magento check if a user is logged in and get is main account data (fullname, name, surname and em... 2014-07-29