JavaScript Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
Parent To Last Selected Later robfrz afx Parent to last selected layer 4 days ago
Hide Other Nulls (is this already on here?) robfrz afx Hide OTHER nulls (non selected ones) 4 days ago
New BG Shape With Comp Color robfrz afx Creates a new SHAPE LAYER (not solid) the size of the comp & the same color as the comp's bg color,... 5 days ago
Add Tags To Layers (SCRIPPET -- for other scripts) robfrz afx Quickly add tags to layers within scripts **not a script itself*** 5 days ago
Convert KFs to Markers robfrz afx Convert selected properties' keyframes to markers (cue points -- that contain all the kf data) NO... 5 days ago
Center In View robfrz afx Centers the anchor point AND places the layer in the center of the comp 5 days ago
Center Anchor Point (menu) robfrz afx Centers Anchor Point in Layer Content (using menu command) 5 days ago
Show / Hide Viewer Rulers robfrz afx Show / Hide Viewer Rulers (menu command) 5 days ago
Duplicate Current Comp robfrz afx Duplicate current comp and open the duplicate. Places duplicate in the same folder as the origin... 5 days ago
Switch IK Goal robfrz afx Switch IK Goal value for selected layers. Looks for a checkbox effect with GOAL in the name 5 days ago