HTML Code Snippets

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Favicon and Apple Icons in HTML apphp-snippets favicon html The favicon is much normality in our days. Here the "apple-touch-icon" definition which is used whe... 2014-07-22
plain html 5 starter renleet html5 quick starter quick fix 2014-07-17
Plain HTML5 Starter Template izerlink html Plain HTML5 Starter Template 2014-07-16
simple tooltip using Html and CSS. sharad css html I created simple tooltip using Html and CSS. 2014-07-08
Expand and Collapse Effect on HTML tables using JQuery. Ahkshaey HTML collapse expand jquery This code allows you to achieve the collapse and expand effect on HTML tables. It makes use of JQuer... 2014-06-23
Batterie Asus A32-K93 dendi123 A32-K93 Asus Batterie La Batterie A32-K93 doit être stockée dans un endroit où la température est comprise entre 10°C et 3... 2014-06-10
HTML 5 Canvas Dumps gmenezesg HTML5 canvas javascript This snippet is for register my progress in studying HTML 5 2014-06-04
2 peterg3n assa 222 2014-05-30
123 polygrafus 123 123 2014-04-26
JSF :: How to redirect to login page if not logged on Forero java java ee In JSF, redirect to login page if user is not logged on. 2014-04-25