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C Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
SQL Insert C# MikkelRask sql A small code that connects to my database 2011-08-30
Round-up Macro cmho c macro memory allocation rounding Yoinked from xv6 v4—one line to round up a size. Useful for memory allocation. 2010-11-04
Exemplo de uso da função getopt eldermarco argumentos c getopt glibc Um programa simples ilustrando o uso da função getopt em linguagem C. A função getopt permite tratar... 2010-06-19
Password generator Makis password-generator random A password generator in C. This doesn't make completely random passwords, rather ones that are still... 2010-05-14
Simple test harness for C Makis getopt_long qsort testing This is a simple test harness for C. Test cases can be linked easily by other modules with function... 2010-05-14
StrDup - duplicate a string in C Makis string-handling Function that can be used to make a duplicate of a string in C. 2010-05-14
A printf() style improved log printer Makis c-ellipsis logging This function can be used just like printf() but it will add the file name and line number to each p... 2010-05-14
Reading sysfs devices in Linux Makis linux sysfs This code will print out all sysfs devices under a certain device class (which is supplied as a para... 2010-05-14
Finding out ALSA devices Makis alsa audio linux linux_devices This script find out ALSA devices in Linux programatically, which can be a bit tricky. 2010-05-14
hello smipple daniel.wilkison c intro stdio.h prints "hello smipple" to the standard output. I know it's very simple and corny, but I had to writ... 2010-03-08