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C Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
HW5Q3 Daniela C C 2012-06-18
HW3Q1 siryoav C C code 2012-05-21
Code Daniela C HW2Q1 2012-05-08
Daniela siryoav c code 2012-05-08
C concurrency less-but-still-fail starakaj c concurrent counter At least this one is atomic. 2011-12-01
C concurrency fail starakaj c concurrent counter fail It's like an atomic counter, only not 2011-12-01
מחשבים 37-2 max.fol c עבודת בית 1 2011-11-11
Simple C macros to determine Array length and clear memory kaiwan c macros useful (c) Bruce Rosner. (From the LinkedIn 'Plain Old C Programming' group: I usually also use this ma... 2011-09-10
Set memory to a pattern kaiwan c debug init memory pattern Simple function to initialize a given piece of memory to a given pattern (like, 0xdeadface, 0xbabefa... 2011-09-09
Convenience macros for debug, etc for Linux kernel / driver development kaiwan convenient debug driver kernel linux macro Convenience macros for debug, etc for Linux kernel / driver development. #include this header in you... 2011-09-08