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Bash Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
commo git operations pdepmcp branch git common commands to work with branches in git 2017-02-17
automatization of permissions pdepmcp bash facl permissions Requires facl. reset ownership and permissions of a gruop of folders and gives further access to a... 2017-02-15
tail-awk-1 shantanu awk # Build an utility which will show last 10 lines of he file # Usage awk -f tail-1.awk datafilename... 2017-01-22
git repo multiuser pdepmcp git git working directory used by multiple users 2017-01-17
string to create utf8 mysql db and users pdepmcp backup bash create mysql utf8 script to generate the sql string to create a new utf8 db with an associated user and an optional ba... 2017-01-11
Nginx full enkodr nginx Nginx configuration with proxy and fastcgi caching 2016-09-01 Sell CCV UK US EU AU Fresh and Cheap + Transfer Western Union cardseller141 Bank ICQ: 681473773 :seller CVV ALL COUNTRY , Transfer WU NEW!!! === Most Respectable customer, I'm hack... 2016-08-23
Best Sellers CVV CC DUMPS CC FULZ TRACK SKIMMERS kerisefaith Dumps cc cvv money tracks Sell CVV Quality 100% - Dumps With Pin - Transfer Western Union - Paypal Verified Contact Info... 2015-11-30
Print a list of applications which are using the internet. antlong linux mac networking osx shell unix This snippet will return a list of applications which are using the internet. 2015-07-25
test kamyh bash aptitude install apache2 apache2-doc apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-utils apache2.2-common libapache2-m... 2015-03-13