Bash Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
Directory compare in LINUX and generate DIFF files asanga bash compare diff directories files This can compare two directories on LINUX, and generate diff file accordingly 2014-04-06
Show Public IP brandonvom2003 bash ip address linux Show public IP address on Linux 2014-02-06
New RVMRC file joshuaswilcox ruby To created a sandboxed gemset for specific apps 2013-07-17
Replace characters to newlines in sed - Mac OS X Sounden bash replace sed terminal It seems like the regular way of replacing strings with line-breaks does not seem to work in Mac OS... 2013-06-26
Bash shell to check an existed string in another string trinh bash existed script shell string Bash shell to check an existed string in another string 2013-06-05
batchaddkey santosrodriguez bash rsa ssh Copies the RSA public key to a list of servers. 2013-06-02 santosrodriguez bash log cleanup This script empties logs in the /var/log directory. 2013-06-02
shortcat on desktop theShadow shortcat add shortcat on desktop linux 2013-05-16
make alis theShadow alias command make alias of complex command 2013-05-15
Copy file SCP Swalke bash copy-files linux scp Copy file via scp 2013-04-22