Bash Code Snippets

Title User Tags Description Date
Number base converter Stummi bash conversion linux numbers A bash script to convert an number from any base to another based on its name 2014-12-29
Error Logging in .htaccess apphp-snippets error log htaccess This example shows you how to log errors to a file, and prevent showing them to the user. Make sure... 2014-07-29
for cristian bash files for test 2014-06-25
pepoluan's Colorful & Informative bash prompt pepoluan bash bash-prompt prompt This is the Colorful & Informative bash prompt I use on my Linux boxes. It has all the info I qui... 2014-05-13
Directory compare in LINUX and generate DIFF files asanga bash compare diff directories files This can compare two directories on LINUX, and generate diff file accordingly 2014-04-06
Show Public IP brandonvom2003 bash ip address linux Show public IP address on Linux 2014-02-06
New RVMRC file joshuaswilcox ruby To created a sandboxed gemset for specific apps 2013-07-17
Replace characters to newlines in sed - Mac OS X Sounden bash replace sed terminal It seems like the regular way of replacing strings with line-breaks does not seem to work in Mac OS... 2013-06-26
Bash shell to check an existed string in another string trinh bash existed script shell string Bash shell to check an existed string in another string 2013-06-05
batchaddkey santosrodriguez bash rsa ssh Copies the RSA public key to a list of servers. 2013-06-02