Recent Code Snippets

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Link Selected Colors To Color Controller robfrz JavaScript afx Links all selected colors to a created color controller on the LAST SELECTED LAYER. 2015-04-13
Link Selected Properties to Slider robfrz JavaScript afx Link selected properties to sliders. Puts sliders on base level that control selected properties. If... 2015-04-13
Link Selected Transforms To Last Selected Layer robfrz JavaScript afx Link selected root-level transforms (opacity, position, etc) to those of the last-selected layer via... 2015-04-13
Auto-Name Text Layers robfrz JavaScript afx Automatically renames all text layers to the first X characters. Ability to set number dynamically o... 2015-04-13
New BG Solid robfrz JavaScript afx Creates a Solid with the same color as the Comp BG setting, moves it to the end of the comp and lock... 2015-04-13
Quick Property Renamer robfrz JavaScript afx Quickly rename props in succession 2015-04-13
Quick Layer Renamer robfrz JavaScript afx Quickly rename layers in succession 2015-04-13
Quick Arrow robfrz JavaScript afx Create quick arrows with controls 2015-04-13
How to achieve auto answer for SIP telephony in C# sachamanji C# accept answer audio auto automatically c# call csharp development interactive ivr response sip softphone system telephony voice voip I had a go at softphone development some months ago. It isn’t secret that I want to build a powerful... 2015-04-13
2015ノートパソコンバッテリー gooshopping1 Text only バッテリー PC をシャットダウンする (電源を切る) 方法を説明するビデオを視聴します (各言語でのキャプションを表示するには、[字幕] ボタン [字幕] ボタン をタップまたはクリックします)。 PC をシ... 2015-04-13