Recent Code Snippets

Title User Language Tags Description Date
graph representation code -- adjancency list ---> c version eriche C++ C++ graph representation this code comes form geeks for geeks website. just for the convenience of my later review // ad... 2015-07-25
Case Studies Stats Banner LiamPotter HTML HTML caseStudiesBanner Blue background statistics bar shown on individual case studies 2015-07-23
Icon Blocks LiamPotter HTML HTML iconBlock Icon Blocks component, as seen on various pages. 2015-07-23
Block Image Text Component LiamPotter HTML HTML blockImageText Similar to the alternating Image Text component, except that the image goes 100% width 2015-07-23
Call-to-action Buttons LiamPotter HTML Buttons HTML All Call-to-action Buttons used throughout the site 2015-07-23
buylaserpointer's Laser Pen Shops blog buylaserpointer Text only 10000mW 532nm green laser pointer 20000mw laser pointer Green Laser Pointer 3000mw Laser Pointer Blue 30000mw Hi pal,thanks for coming our shop,we two try our best to run our only shop well.If you have any prob... 2015-07-23
Alternating Image Text Component LiamPotter HTML Alternating HTML ImageText Alternating Image Text component as seen on most sub pages and channel repeater on parent pages. 2015-07-23
Video Header LiamPotter HTML HTML Header Video Video Header component (as seen on Why WorkCast? page) 2015-07-23
Mini Header LiamPotter HTML HTML Header Mini Header component (smaller header as seen on most pages) 2015-07-23
Main Header LiamPotter HTML HTML Header Main Header Component (large header with optional carousel) 2015-07-23