Recent Code Snippets

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Capitalize selected items in Project Panel Aescripts JavaScript aescripts after effects aftereffects ft-toolbar layers Will capitalize selected items in Project Panel 2014-11-07
test ratneshvsyou Text only java description 2014-11-06
Loop Selected Layers zlovatt JavaScript after effects aftereffects ft-toolbar looping time remap This will run through all selected layers, enables time remap & add loopOut('cycle') expression for... 2014-11-05
Clean / Dirty SQL makeshyft Text only function sql Use these functions to clean your SQL commands, and to dirty the results when they are returned. 2014-11-04
Ruby += Operator reekay Ruby irb session Ruby Menggunaakan operator += pada Ruby 2014-11-01
code1 peterg3n Java asda code 2014-10-31
UUID benchmark (test) yurdev C benchmark guid Thsi is just a test 2014-10-30
Toggle checkboxes raminhos JavaScript all check checkboxes javascript jquery toggle uncheck check and uncheck all checkboxes with 2014-10-29
Alert message raminhos HTML+PHP ace bootstrap error message Bootstrap 3 + Ace template $txt = message to show $s = Number of lines (in pixels) to space before... 2014-10-29
Validating a date effectively snovakovic JavaScript Date JavaScript The date library in JavaScript is often too simple and usually not enough for advanced date formatti... 2014-10-27