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Recent Code Snippets

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Ratespiel simoth00 Python Zufall Zufallsspiel 2017-08-09
Benchmarking_2 simoth00 Python ggT Benchmarking ggT 2017-08-09
Binary tree and binary search tree simoth00 Python Binary tree Binary tree and binary search tree 2017-08-09
Objects simoth00 Python objects Object in Python 2017-08-09
Benchmarking_1 simoth00 Python timer A timer for measuring a for loop 2017-08-09
Time variation of different data type manipulations in PLSQL pardhu SQL PLSQL Time variation of different data types manipulations in PLSQL 2017-08-07
Php & MySql codeJs PHP mysql php How To Upload Image Into Database 2017-08-02
Find string in another string and determines where it was found aleworkout Ruby do downcase index minusculas position ruby string You can find text inside another text. You can also get the position of the result. 2017-07-28
Primary Key vs Foreign Key databasestar SQL Oracle SQL A few examples of primary and foreign keys. 2017-07-26
dynamic fragments Jeslin Text only // code to replace a fragment in the container 2017-07-20