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Add and save custom field in user's profile patsnippets PHP add field user profile hooks input text wordpress How to add and save an input text in the user's profile in Wordpress 1 days ago
How to create USB web camera viewer and stream to remote locations (C#) tomirob C# camera display image remote rtsp smartphone stream usb video viewer webcam In this brief tutorial you will learn how to develop a camera viewer application in C# that allows y... 1 days ago
WP_Query loop patsnippets PHP loop wordpress wp wp_query Loop con new WP_Query() 1 days ago
Create rounded corners for page overlay in TwentyFourteen theme uptospeedmedia CSS TwentyFourteen Create rounded corners for page overlay in TwentyFourteen theme 3 days ago
Remove searchbar on the top of Wordpress TwentyFourteen theme uptospeedmedia CSS remove twentyfourteen CSS code snippet to remove search icon from top-right corner of page in TwentyFourteen theme. 3 days ago
Dependency Property Registration yeongtze C# C# Dependency Property WPF For the Text property of the MyTextBox class, we’ve removed the private _text variable used to store... 5 days ago
Agregar dias, semanas o mes a una fecha Rafa Text only ABAP fecha Esta función agrega días, semanas, meses, años a una fecha 2014-11-12
Usage of BackgroundWorker Class yeongtze C# BackgroundWorker C# Usage of BackgroundWorker Class 2014-11-11
TableView Datasource and Delegate Methods kanishka Objective-C Datasource Delegate UITableView populate custom cell information in tableview 2014-11-08
TP 3 khaldi yazid hitlire HTML ioujda sm yazid tp 3 code khaldi yazid 2014-11-07