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Save Windows credential jhwoo C++ credential credwrite windows Save a credential for auto-login to remote desktop server using CredWrite() 4 days ago
Set Group Policy jhwoo C++ grouppolicy registry windows Change Windows group policy settings programmatically. 4 days ago
Java code for Changing Color Space of PDF Document johansonkath Java Change color space of PDF Changing color space of PDF document Enhanced concatenate PDF Enhanced concatenate PDF files Japanese text extraction improved Java PDF Library PDF bookmarks to XML PDF to JPEG conversion PDF to JPEG conversion improved PDF to Tiff conversion improved Update RGB colors CMYK Updating some RGB colors CMYK XPS to PDF conversion extracted PDF bookmarks to stream Objects This code shows how java developers can change color space of PDF document from RGB color to CMYK an... 4 days ago
batterie de pc portable duaiaj Text only batterie capacité de haute pc portable Nos services Nos services sont destinés tant aux professionnelsqu'aux particuliers. 1.Les meilleu... 6 days ago
Pointeur Laser 10000mw bleu pointeurlasers Text only 10000mW Laser bleu Pointeur Laser 10000mw bleu ultra puissant 2014-04-13
Permutations in Ruby Guildenstern70 Ruby permutations A class to compute number permutations based on Bogomolyn algorithm. 2014-04-11
Eratostene class in D Guildenstern70 D eratostene primes This class computes the first 'n' prime numbers using Eratostene's sieve algorithm. 2014-04-11
Convert PDF from Remote Server to other Format using Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API in PHP johansonkath PHP Aspose Cloud PHP SDK Cloud SDK for PDF Delete all pictures from a worksheet Excel Cloud SDK PDF REST SDK PHP SDK for REST API Update a specific picture in Spreadsheet Update specific OLE object in worksheet add new OLE object to Excel worksheet add new picture toworksheet delete existing OLE object Aspose.PDF for Cloud API has released PHP SDK which allows PHP developers to convert PDF files uploa... 2014-04-11
Chapter 7 pointers poisonfob C++ CH7 P7.4 Write a function that returns a pointer to the maximum value of an array of float ingpoint data: d... 2014-04-10
Chapter 5 Functions poisonfob C++ C++ CH5 Write the following functions: a. bool all_the_same(double x, double y, double z), returning true i... 2014-04-10