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scrapy post request fruityworld Python post scrapy scrapy post 19 hours ago
scrapy process json fruityworld Python python scrapy scrapy process json 20 hours ago
Simple Paint with Layers Frol C# C# image editor paint photoshop My simple paint with layers. 1 days ago
Progress bar Mrchau C# ax2012 x++ Simple progress bar 1 days ago
Magento - logged user check and data pdepmcp PHP magento php session In Magento check if a user is logged in and get is main account data (fullname, name, surname and em... 2 days ago
Calculate Relative Time Ago apphp-snippets SQL sql time calculating Here you may find some useful snippets for calculating relative time for different purposes: to get... 2 days ago
Error Logging in .htaccess apphp-snippets Bash error log htaccess This example shows you how to log errors to a file, and prevent showing them to the user. Make sure... 2 days ago
config scrapy and new a project fruityworld Python scrapy add python_install_directory/Scripts to PATH 2 days ago
Bootstrap carousel fade transition SnippetSniffer Text only bootstrap carousel css fade html Fade carousel transition using only css Then change the class on the carousel from "carousel slid... 5 days ago
Hora Excel (hora fraccional) a hora normal Rafa Text only ABAP excel fractional time hora time Convierte la hora en formato interno de excel a una hora normal y luego convierte y valida a formato... 6 days ago