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code1 peterg3n Java asda code 11 hours ago
UUID benchmark (test) yurdev C benchmark guid Thsi is just a test 1 days ago
Toggle checkboxes raminhos JavaScript all check checkboxes javascript jquery toggle uncheck check and uncheck all checkboxes with 2 days ago
Alert message raminhos HTML+PHP ace bootstrap error message Bootstrap 3 + Ace template $txt = message to show $s = Number of lines (in pixels) to space before... 2 days ago
Validating a date effectively snovakovic JavaScript Date JavaScript The date library in JavaScript is often too simple and usually not enough for advanced date formatti... 4 days ago
Highlighting text snovakovic JavaScript JavaScript Text There are many jQuery plugins to highlight text but I find this technique powerful, easy to implemen... 4 days ago
Reducing text by word limit snovakovic JavaScript JavaScript Text This script is similar to the excerpt function in WordPress. It allows you to truncate a string to a... 4 days ago
Toggle Collapse Transformations Aescripts JavaScript Collapse Transformations aescripts after effects aftereffects ft-toolbar layers Will toggle the Collapse Transformations switch for the selected layers 2014-10-23
Listen on all Elements mohanaravind JavaScript attach Attach listeners on all elements - Draft 2014-10-22
Change Button Text yeongtze XML Button C# XAML XAML code to change button text when the mouse is on top of the button. 2014-10-22