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Recent Code Snippets

Title User Language Tags Description Date
test eserkelleci C# c# test 2 days ago
Remove automatically created Flickr albums shaq Python flickr python I have my photos organized in folders according to year/month/day. When I started using th Flickr Up... 2 days ago
Adicionar 25 imagens a uma div morpheuz JavaScript html javascript adicionar 25 imagens 3 days ago
html5 basic morpheuz HTML html html5 html 5 basic 3 days ago
Calculando valores do raio thiagobuarque C# C# Calcular o comprimento , área e volume 6 days ago
Conversão de Graus thiagobuarque C# C# Transformar Celcius em Fahrenheint 6 days ago
Acheter pointeur laser jklasdg Text only acheter laser lampe de poche laser laser bleu pointeur laser pointeur laser astronomie pointeur laser chat ,Ils peuvent être rouge, bleu, pointeur laser vert U... 2015-08-20
SUN®高圧蒸気滅菌器オートクレーブ shiektmn Text only aotodental 1. ヨーロッパBクラス標準、EN13060安全テストに合格、3脈動真空乾燥機能、真空度は-0.9bar(-0.09Mpa)に達します。機械残る湿度<0.2%。各種類の包装付き、包装がない、固体、多孔... 2015-08-15
オートクレーブCristofoli®Vitale N Class 12L shiektmn Text only Cristofoli ●本製品は耐高温、高圧の手術器械、歯科器械、ガラス器具等の滅菌、消毒用の装置です。 ●先進的な技術で滅菌の効果を保証しています。 ●滅菌、乾燥過程中の各データがLCDスクリーンで顕示します。 ●... 2015-08-15
pointeur vert a vendre sunshine23 Text only a pointeur vendre vert Il est appelé TruVector 360 ° Com... 2015-08-14

Popular Code Snippets

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Center a DIV with CSS feippe CSS center css div How to put a div in the middle of the window. 2011-03-10
Simple CSS reset netnoise CSS css minimal reset A simpler CSS reset by Russ Weakley <> 2010-05-04
Common @media queries joost.kiens CSS css3 Most common @media queries for handheld devices and desktops 2011-02-08
Email Validate navjotjsingh PHP email php validate validate PHP code to validate email addresses. 2009-10-31
CSS3 box-shadow with page curl effect joost.kiens HTML box-shadow css3 CSS3 Box-shadow with a nice effect. Found on 2010-12-07
Print the url after your links bramloquet CSS css media paper print url Easy way to print the url after your links wit CSS 2010-04-22
New bulletproof @fontface syntax joost.kiens CSS @fontface Use a '?' to create a query string, this fixes a bug in the src attribute for <IE9. Works for Andr... 2011-02-07
Rounded Corners Nicki CSS css3 rounded CSS Rounded Corners 2010-08-30
jQuery animated scroll mrkstudios JavaScript jquery scrolling jQuery animated scroll 2010-12-31
Transparency for ie, firefox and safari Alex CSS browser fix ie mozilla safari transparency transparent Have a transparent element / background in IE, safari and firefox 2009-07-21