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Recent Code Snippets

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Perguntas alexjosesilva C# C# algoritmo Classe Pai Perguntas 3 days ago
classeGeografia alexjosesilva C# C# algoritmo projeo mic etepam 3 days ago
ranking alexjosesilva Text only C# algoritmo codigo de rankink do curso MIC etepam 2015.2 3 days ago
laser vert 1000mw gohgys Text only acheter laser laser puissant laser stylo laser vert pointeur laser pointeur laser prix Laser Vert 1000mw Introduction , Ce produit e... 6 days ago
test IanLewis Python test this is is a test 2015-07-27
Develop a solution to manage the safe use of laser pointer buylaserpointer HTML 100mw laser pointer 300mw laser pointer Green Laser Pointer 2000mw Laser Pointer 1000mw introduce a good laser for you 2015-07-27
Geometrija varevacdamir C Geometrija Provera pripadnosti tacaka odredjenim figurama u koordinantom sistemu 2015-07-26
Print a list of applications which are using the internet. antlong Bash linux mac networking osx shell unix This snippet will return a list of applications which are using the internet. 2015-07-25
Provera polozaja tacke u odnosu na zadatu pravu varevacdamir C geometry Provera polozaja tacke u odnosu na zadatu pravu 2015-07-25
graph representation code -- adjancency list ---> c version eriche C++ C++ graph representation this code comes form geeks for geeks website. just for the convenience of my later review // ad... 2015-07-25

Popular Code Snippets

Title User Language Tags Description Date
Center a DIV with CSS feippe CSS center css div How to put a div in the middle of the window. 2011-03-10
Simple CSS reset netnoise CSS css minimal reset A simpler CSS reset by Russ Weakley <> 2010-05-04
Common @media queries joost.kiens CSS css3 Most common @media queries for handheld devices and desktops 2011-02-08
Email Validate navjotjsingh PHP email php validate validate PHP code to validate email addresses. 2009-10-31
CSS3 box-shadow with page curl effect joost.kiens HTML box-shadow css3 CSS3 Box-shadow with a nice effect. Found on 2010-12-07
Print the url after your links bramloquet CSS css media paper print url Easy way to print the url after your links wit CSS 2010-04-22
New bulletproof @fontface syntax joost.kiens CSS @fontface Use a '?' to create a query string, this fixes a bug in the src attribute for <IE9. Works for Andr... 2011-02-07
Rounded Corners Nicki CSS css3 rounded CSS Rounded Corners 2010-08-30
jQuery animated scroll mrkstudios JavaScript jquery scrolling jQuery animated scroll 2010-12-31
Transparency for ie, firefox and safari Alex CSS browser fix ie mozilla safari transparency transparent Have a transparent element / background in IE, safari and firefox 2009-07-21